Lawrence Martin Nysschens Author of Once-Other, The White Globe and others

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by Lawrence Martin Nysschens

Author Lawrence Martin Nysschens writes so that the weather inside our heads and in our lives improves. It’s everyday life stirred with Fantasy and mixed with touches of SF. But mostly his works go to places no one expects.
His stories reach out to expand the concepts of what human beings can do and achieve and ventures into realms both striking and new. And the weather changes all the way from quiet and calm to stormy and dangerous.
Come enjoy the journey with him.

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About Once-Other

Against the odds. Against violent Resistance. Against the most Oppressive Invaders ever; Once-Other endures and strives on to win, to love, to fight for his fellows. There can be no surrender for it is worse than death! That surrender to an Oppressor who says your mind belongs to it and so too those you love!



As many have said, “Don’t be fooled by the in-depth world building at the start. After it the pace accelerates rapidly.”

And they further say:

“Once-Other is real live fire. Once-Other is the real Reality Show. Tune-in! And sail the opening and onward to a crescendo that hits like a Talk Show host who bares the naked truth. And it hits one word, and one page at a time.”



”All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn…. American writing comes from that. There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since.” Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), U.S. author. The Green Hills of Africa, ch. 1 (1935).

Lawrence M. Nysschens offers Once-Other as a writing both new and unique. Share his journey if you would.

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Once-Other: This is the kind of book you read and wake up feeling as though you’d traveled to another world. The story is fast-paced and laced with powerful images. The plot, the exquisite writing, the awesome characters, and the mythical undertones of the story are elements that make it stand out as a work of great depth and success.

Come on and step into the world of Once-Other.

A world that in many ways reflects our lives here on Earth. Partake of its beauty, its conflicts, its adventures, relationships, and the bravery of men and women who face death upon the endless desert sands of Here-Born — a world of rock and sand, and sparsely populated by a hardy freedom loving people.

People who will not surrender to oppression no matter the price. Get inside Once-Other and there discover powers never imagined. It is a grand adventure. So, step right up, and place your foot upon the starting line:


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In  Once-Other Lawrence M. Nysschens has wound an intriguing mixture of personal struggle and the conquest of oppression. His ideas are unique, and his style  keeps the pages turning.


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4 thoughts on “Lawrence Martin Nysschens Author of Once-Other, The White Globe and others”

  1. I’d compare the unique writing style, and the relationship between humans raised in 2 different cultures to be a bit like the “Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury. As an avid SciFi fan I find it well written and a bit captivating as it should be.

    Talk to you again when I am done reading.

    Finished it this morning, now how long do I have to wait for the rest of it?? Liked what I have read so far.

  2. I have just finished one of the most enjoyable novels I have come across in some time. The title is Once-Other: by Lawrence M. Nysschens. It’s definitely a sci-fi story but it is so much more. You have a group of people working to create a small government that works for everyone. It’s also one of those stories that holds you and at the end you feel so up lifted. It’s just that kind of novel.

    As I said to Lawrence, the new ideas he hints at in Chapter 1 made me realize that if our Founders were here today or if we were starting our Republic at this time…the ideas in his book would be part of our Constitution.

    Thank you Lawrence, you have done us all a service.

  3. This book is worth the read for more than just entertainment. I contemplated the author’s ideas on what may be coming up in the future relative to government, taxes, prisons and social interaction. Then I cringed to think that maybe, some of his ideas may just become a reality.

    Then, on the other hand, I thought, “Well, that’s a very good idea, we should have a system like that!” You’ll have to read the book to find out what I’m talking about.

    The most frightful but unique part of this book was the pre-owned body parts. Imagine being able to purchase a new head or limb just because you got tired of what you had. One could say, “Oh, I hate my face. I’ll just buy a new head!” And for the common criminal, It would create an incredible advantage.

    This book kept me interested wondering what is going to happen next. I highly suggest you purchase this one!

  4. Overall, intrigued. Covers much of what I’ve already come to realize.

    I enjoyed the excerpt, and want to see the rest.

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