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This defense of ours at times seems tougher than violent conflict. Hope is all we have. Hope that we can bring into being within enough Earth-Born citizens a realization of our Here-Born Rights, our Constitution, our way of life. A life free of government interference. A political structure in which We the People hold all the power and are the true guardians of Freedom.


We sit gazing at her beauty and from my Foundation the reason, why our Founders were right touches me. Their Letter told why and still does so today. With greater understanding, I realize that it is not possible to flee to freedom. Escape represents but a temporary respite, the slave master soon follows and sets about his task of enslaving one-n-all—once again.


We write to elicit your vote. Your Freedom vote for what we have written here.

Do we stand as one? A nation united?

Can we face tomorrow as a free people? Is there a government system designed to protect itself, not for hundreds, nor thousands, nor tens of thousands, but for millions of years-n-more?

Can it be protected from those amongst us bound and determined to wrest freedom away from us and tie real or virtual chains around our necks for all of time?

Please read carefully and understand what we are doing for each other, our children and theirs, and down through the coming ages.

Since winning our Independence from Earth-Born, we have searched this galaxy and many others. We almost gave up hope of finding any government form that would serve freedom and us. How very strange it was to find what we had sought for so long, on Earth-Born itself. In the finding, the reading, and the understanding of this treasured discovery, we are moved to write as follows.



We the People of Here-Born believe that all Citizens who desire a Government Program have the Right to have such a Program brought into existence for their use.

We the People of Here-Born believe that no citizen, who does not wish to participate in a particular Government Program, shall not have such a Program forced upon him nor her. Nor shall the Taxation required to fund such a Program be forced upon him or her.


Now! It’s generally known and fully understood by all that excessive taxation will slow an economy and eventually destroy it. It is, on our part, wishful thinking that those imposing excessive taxation will realize the error of their ways and change when they note how excessive taxation hurts an economy, and thus the people. Because, if we know what excessive taxation does to an economy—so do they!

Yet they impose it.

Once-Other & Reasoning for Tomorrow

Reasoning for Tomorrow in the

USA & Worldwide.

Here is the fundamental/basic reason why Liberals-Socialists-Communists etc. aren’t liberal.

Liberals accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of.

This is a tactic by which Liberals and others hope to hide what they are and what they are doing.

So! The hounds that feast upon mindless obedience have been let loose. They rush about condemning those who oppose their desire to become an evil they themselves claim others are.

Such people have been with Mankind for all of our history.

Now, in these times our Freedoms have decreased and despite all attempts to arrest the decline, nothing has changed.

Look around and one notes that from DC to State Capitols to County to City government all remain rigid enough as to defy any change back to a real Freedom. Though under President Trump huge inroads have been made. And…we now witness liberal’s desperation for they have lost their voters and only have left those who are fanatics…alone.

Our prior attempts to change for the better have brought only temporary relief. This indicates that something needs to be added that serves as a shield against all the attacks made upon our Rights.

Attacks not fully envisioned by our Founders though they knew today would come. It was the technology our Founders will not have envisioned…fully.



Within Once-Other’s design is a road leading directly to those changes and defenses. From there we march onwards and assign safeguards against all enemies of Freedom.

It is not a story of doom and gloom let alone a Doomsday tale.

It is a story of Freedom’s victory, our victory should we choose to travel this road.

It is strange in places, stranger in others.

It doesn’t complain about circumstances.

It does throw light upon current circumstances.

It doesn’t attempt to solve circumstances with that age-old solution…kill all those who are too much of a problem.

It does destroy oppression without a shadow of doubt.

In the mapping out of the road to victory, it does what no novel has ever done before. On its pages you will find outlined actions each one of us can take in our daily lives to build a tomorrow endowed with our Founder’s vision of Freedom.

And those new ideas are sewn into the fabric of the tale, some here, and some at the start or end.

It is a story written into the teeth of the attack upon those Freedoms We the People of these United States of America and others across this world we populate cherish and hold dear. The story starts with the adoption of our Founding documents by a people on a faraway planet who once lived on Earth.

They flourish with small government due to ideas added to their founding document. That document being the original Constitution of these United States.

Welcome to Once-Other.

Of myself:

I haven’t written as I have for the sake of sales alone.

Yet sales I seek for what needs doing thirsts for that energy which drives causes.

I have written as I have for the sake of our USA and all folks worldwide, and for our children, and for their children. I’ve done so in a manner designed to be entertaining while seeking a path along a winding road that leads us towards a Freedom where our tired longings and hope can rest for a long while.

Since our Founding we have had victories without doubt against oppression. But sadly, each victory has but given us temporary relief for soon the hidden rot festers once again infecting all from coast to coast, and north to south.

At night, like many, I dream of a continuing Freedom tempered by the barriers of Laws, Rights, morals, ethics, and personal integrity…for all citizens.

A Freedom that embraces personal responsibility and which does NOT include the abandonment of all morals, embraces equal justice for all, freedom of speech and which may even usher into existence citizens of a firmer caliber who will assume the right to self-elected ethical conduct.

Yet, I don’t dream of any particular rites nor a particular religion though many there are.

Instead, I dream of Religious Freedom for nothing is more important. History shows any, who care to research, the civilizing effect of religion upon Mankind through all the ages.

Yet today, Communism and Socialism are being sold as though they are the new religion!

This story is not of one religion nor any other but is instead, includes Freedom of Religion, and much more throughout its length. Here you will find Freedom to practice for every one of those religions which bring hope to all of Mankind.

It does not embrace the use of religion to injure or kill.

I hope to have given you a sense of what Once-Other embraces.

I wish that we all have the tomorrow of our dreams should your dreams, like mine, embrace Freedom as above for one and all.

Best wishes, Lawrence M. Nysschens





It’s time to live by our Constitution again…fully so.

Help by reading Once-Other.

It’s a fictional story that has a governing system based on the USA which ALLOWS for a taxation system that has everyone dedicated to earning more and more and more…as the more you earn the lower the taxation rate you’ll pay. Wouldn’t that be great?!

Now, imagine not having to work at keeping your tax rate down-down-down because you’re producing ‘too much’.

Instead, the more you produce, the lower the tax rate you pay 🙂

Ah. The sound of success and roaring economies.



Why should one care about these Socialists attempts to destroy the USA. Well! For myself, I’ve set out on the path to a New Political Civilization. My starting point is titled Once-Other.

There are those who love it. There are those who fear and hate it. You can download Free digital copies (FREE COPIES OFFER HAS EXPIRED) of Once-Other below or read a Preview of Once-Other at the end of this Post. It’s a link that takes you to Amazon for a preview.

But why would I write a book such as this? Read on.


Behind the violence of today, the hate, the cries of racism spat out with racist hatred at everyday folk lingers a question. Should we prevent Liberals and Left Agitators from saying as they are, and doing as they do?

And. Would it help our nation if we did?

Today, Liberals are hellbent on driving our USA into the flames of chaos. They seek the destruction of Rights, the Constitution, and abiding by the Law.

And they truly hate Equal Justice for all. And have perverted ‘Born with Equal Rights’ into “Born Equal” which is impossible…born equal that is. Nothing in this Universe is Equal to another. Not even you are equal to who you were 10 seconds ago…how come? Because in those 10 seconds…you’ve changed. SO. NO. No two Individuals are equal one to another.

It was and always will be: Equal Rights!

What do Liberals loathe more than ‘not being equal one to another’? Well…Liberals loathe Freedom of Religion more than anything else.

I ask my question simply because these Far-Left Liberals (Communist Socialists really) have been doing the above for many decades. But they hid their actions from Public View. And because those actions took place in secrecy, many of us did not notice the coming effect—Chaos.

Now, we must turn the tide of this war we’re in, this struggle to curb and finally defeat the Far-Left Liberal dream of a Socialist Communist USA. So then, would it not help the good people of our Nation, those of all political persuasions, to see the Left agenda playing out across the landscape of our TV sets every day?

Perhaps; YES, is the answer. But why?

Well?! We would come to know them better than we already do. Their followers would begin to see what they are actually doing. Those followers outside the Hardcore Haters are unlikely to give this attempt at conquest their blessing. For if any of them merely think it over for a minute or two they may realize the obvious.

The Far-Left has no intention of allowing anyone, and especially not those ‘every-day-folk’ who helped them destroy the Constitution of the United States. And what happens after COTUS is no longer valid? Why, no-one has any Rights outside of whatever the Local Communist Leader says/gives (yes, they will be given a home in your neighborhood and many will be kicked out of their homes to make room for these Commissars.)

And you think once Communists take over you will be able to purchase a new cell phone or upgrade your current one whenever you want to. Hell no! You will need to ask you neighborhood Commissar for approval. Here’s where you start imagining what you may have to give him/her to make this happen. Now figure on what comes your way later. Little things like; what or who will you willingly give up for a little food, a tiny home, a car if you’re lucky, new clothes are very unlikely. And what will you have to give the Commissar for any of those? Yes. Anything and/or anyone whom you love.

But you say. Everything will be free, and everyone will have everything they want, and everyone will have a job, and the Communist Government will give us money to live with even if we’re not working. Well, what actually happens when ‘everything is free’ is this…we all come to realize that there’s no point to working because…everything is free. Now. With no-one working and producing all those ‘every-things that are free’  are soon difficult to get. Why?

Well, because everything is free. You see? No? Oh!

Well, if everything is free…why bother working…and when very few choose to work…well…there’s very little goods to be had…free or paid for. Oh! This includes little desirables like food to eat, roof over one’s head, clothes…you know those everyday things one simply works a job for and goes to a store where others are Woking…oops…I mean…working and buy what you want.

That is where Communism goes…every time and each time it takes over. Check any country that went there and check out the horrifying road they had to stumble and crawl along to get out of Communism and back into a Free Enterprise System; like our USA prefers. Without doubt the attempted conquest in progress will fail (will fail after they win if they win this war for your future) just as every other Communist State throughout history has failed. I’m in no mindset to wait that long for a return to our Constitution and Rule of Law.

So, it may be worth our while to simply watch and take notes of the public performance of violence and hatred and the utter racist mindset that their actions display. We can instead demand of your elected Officials, and request from our current White House and President, that actions under the laws of this Land kick in to ferret out those who commit crimes in their ‘crusade’ against someone else’s apparent history of racist behavior.

And when you hate those who have a different color to their skin than yours…you are a racist. So, hating another because their skin is white…makes you a racist too. Period.

And let’s not fool ourselves that ‘only whites can be racists’. Every tribe in Africa has at one time or another enslaved other African tribes. Europeans have been enslaved in Africa. Africans have been enslaved in Europe. Whites have enslaved whites. No single country on all of Mother Earth has ever been free of practicing slavery. And slavery requires the point of view that other human beings are not quite human and so can be treated as animals.

What is happening today proves that what our Founders created for us can be undermined by careful erosion over a longish period of time. And with Public Education and Higher Levels of Education now populated by Far-Left Liberals, it’s no longer a given that our Founder’s vision will prevail.

And this is true for every country in the world today. There is a drive to subdue and CONTROL every facet of our lives today. If we allow this to take over…Freedom is done. Gone. And never to return with out enormous bloodshed on our part.

It is important for us, our children and theirs, that our Founder’s creation live on and shine its Rights across these United States of American. And then too across the rest of the World many may choose to partake of such Rights; but each in their own way and no one forced to do so.

Now the following will be hard to believe. Well. Here it is anyway.

With the ideas inside of Once-Other, We can start a movement of and by We the People of Earth. One that does not demand we ask permission to do so. We can, and legally so, simply begin by working at the lowest level of our political spectrum—with We the Voters. From that power-base of good people will come a New Political Civilization. Yes. Once-Other bypasses all the minions and the yapping News Media who trumpet our wanna be Suppressors agenda of subjugation for ALL.

So yes! What’s happening right now in the Political arena proves that we are midst a hostile takeover. One that We must overcome.

And the beginnings of doing so is what Once-Other is about, besides the intriguing story that’s being told.

And mine is a voice calling from out the darkness of an oppression ready to boil over and destroy all that we’ve achieved these centuries past. And should we lose it, the fight to return our Rights could be a long and hard-fought and bloody battle.

I certainly hope not for I much prefer #Rights4ever to simply arise and continue.

Lawrence M. Nysschens

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