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Lawrence Martin Nysschens Author of Once-Other, The White Globe and others

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Today, with Corona Virus across the Globe we find that of those we’ve elected into Office, many now act as Communist Tyrants (almost openly and many openly so) and are now Hellbent on keeping us locked up at home, and there to die of FINANCIAL STARVATION.

And these ‘elected Officials’ sing their song, a song titled:

Long Live Covid-19!

“Oh how we love Covid-19.

It allows us to sing our song

And all you others out there need to sing along

Our song is the theme of we the Tyrants

And how long have we longed for a such time

And how hard we worked with the USA’s enemies

just to bring our hopes of 1984 alive and real

and for All

Perhaps you may now understand why we want you at home

There you cannot be paid to work

There you will suffer until we set you Free

And you will then be free to be fed by us….

But only if you obey our ever rule

Our every demand

Our every law even when our laws….

Break the Law for you have no Rights


Yep, Covid-19 and its dancing partner

Corona Virus is no accident

So sing our song for we are your Masters

And We are called Progressives, Socialists,

Chinese Communists, other Communists…

and you are the fools who

voted us into Office.

Long Live Socialism!

And we Socialist promise to feed you all

But for just a while

And then you will work in socially acceptable

Groups–and this you will not dare to deny us.

And so we will rid the world of you excessive Eaters and

Consumers and all those fools who cry…


For the only Freedom there will be…

Will be the Freedom to Obey!

Yes! Please vote for me! Once-Again!

This message was sponsored by the Governments of

many countries who wish to rule over you and long

live the concept of…’never again let there be an Election

let alone an Honest Election!

Welcome to the Communist-Socialist Freedoms and

Rights Department.

(Hint: Any politician who works with an enemy of your

Country…has and is committing TREASON!

AND there is no protection even when you work in DC.

For there is no Elected Position, no Civil position, no paid position

that offers Freedom from Criminal Charges…

When Treason is the Crime!



In these times they don’t make any bones about how much they want us ground down and submissive! So! Just imagine this:

We the People could setup up and un-elect them–period. And that’s because it’s possible for We the People to take full power and control of those we elect to Office.

Read Once-Other and find out what that system is and how we would do it.

BUT! Read it all for the method comes here-n-there

and sometimes everywhere. Put it together and all becomes CLEAR!


Just use my Contacts tab and email me and I’ll send you a digital copy as a Kindle, ePUB or PDF. Let’s get this news out and get it out now. Or use the email at the top of this page.

No-one in Government as it is today will even suspect we are able to do this. And even if they read Once-Other they will laugh at it. Well!

Let them!

Now! That’s the new ideas in Once-Other . You see, here on Earth We  the People have long lived under Oppressive Governments and that regardless of the country we live in. Yes, even in lands where it seems there is Rule by We the People. But that’s a lie not fact. This is why Once-Other was written. Within Once-Other is a Road to Political and Personal Freedom…a road like none before.

No matter where you live, you can use the tactics within Once-Other to bring about your own Freedom. But real Freedom NEVER comes from violent conflict. For that leads to just another form of Oppression under a brand new Oppressor.

Read Once-Other’s every page…there are parts of the Weapon for Personal and Political Freedom inside the story-line. And as you reach the final Chapters the full truth of what we can have is revealed.

The follow up to Once-Other outlines how we do this in detail. It is titled The 123rd Rhooli H. It’s a prequel that outlines how the World of Here-Born won their freedom from Earth-Born. In other words, how we can do what’s on the pages of Once-Other across all the Countries of Earth. And do it now!

But first, let’s get the ideas in Once-Other spread worldwide. And then we begin our march to the Reality of Once-Other.

There can be no surrender for that is worse than death! That surrender to an Oppressor who says your mind belongs to it and so too your life and those you love!

A little about the story-line of Once-Other

It’s a story and more that’s filled with action, new ideas, unique characters, and which plays out across the sand and rocks of a desert world–Here-Born.

They originally fled Earth both desperate and willing to colonize a desert world just to be free. Soon, they fought Earth in their First War of Independence. Now they fight a Second War for Independence but betrayal runs rife, driven by greed.

Their first tactic is one-on-one as they offer their new ways and ideas to tourists from Earth–as happens on the pages of Once-Other the book. But Once-Other’s new tourist has a strange and deadly control. Will Once-Other go insane or will he win the battle in both mind and body?

And when the war does come, as it must, will Here-Born’s ‘Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction’ give them victory despite the odds against it?

It’s time for you to find out. Find out all that’s upon the pages some have said are truly dangerous for those who would Oppress their fellows. And if so, can we make it happen? Can YOU make it happen? Help get friends, family and all other associates to read Once-Other.

And so an offer: For those who would like to read Once-Other and spread the word of the book to others, email me and I’ll provide a free copy so that you can spread the word on  your behalf and for all those on Earth today.

Free copies come in: PDF, ePUB, Kindle.

Let’s begin this endeavor now before it’s too late.

Lawrence M. Nysschens.

About Lawrence Martin Nysschens writes so that the weather inside our heads and in our lives improves. It’s everyday life, a new future for all the people of Earth. Stirred into Once-Other are touches of Fantasy and SF. After all, these are the genres that bring about new futures by prediction of with words of HOPE.

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About Once-Other

Against the odds. Against violent Resistance. Against the most Oppressive Invaders ever; Once-Other endures and strives on to win, to love, to fight for his fellows. There can be no surrender for it is worse than death! That surrender to an Oppressor who says your mind belongs to it and so too those you love!



As many have said, “Don’t be fooled by the in-depth world building at the start. After it the pace accelerates rapidly.”

And they further say:

“Once-Other is real live fire. Once-Other is the real Reality Show. Tune-in! And sail the opening and onward to a crescendo that hits like a Talk Show host who bares the naked truth. And it hits one word, and one page at a time.”



”All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn…. American writing comes from that. There was nothing before. There has been nothing as good since.” Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), U.S. author. The Green Hills of Africa, ch. 1 (1935).

Lawrence M. Nysschens offers Once-Other as a writing both new and unique. Share his journey if you would.

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Once-Other: This is the kind of book you read and wake up feeling as though you’d traveled to another world. The story is fast-paced and laced with powerful images. The plot, the exquisite writing, the awesome characters, and the mythical undertones of the story are elements that make it stand out as a work of great depth and success.

Come on and step into the world of Once-Other.

A world that in many ways reflects our lives here on Earth. Partake of its beauty, its conflicts, its adventures, relationships, and the bravery of men and women who face death upon the endless desert sands of Here-Born — a world of rock and sand, and sparsely populated by a hardy freedom loving people.

People who will not surrender to oppression no matter the price. Get inside Once-Other and there discover powers never imagined. It is a grand adventure. So, step right up, and place your foot upon the starting line:


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In  Once-Other Lawrence M. Nysschens has wound an intriguing mixture of personal struggle and the conquest of oppression. His ideas are unique, and his style  keeps the pages turning.


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