This defense of ours at times seems tougher than violent conflict. Hope is all we have. Hope that we can bring into being within enough Earth-Born citizens a realization of our Here-Born Rights, our Constitution, our way of life. A life free of government interference. A political structure in which We the People hold all the power and are the true guardians of Freedom.


We sit gazing at her beauty and from my Foundation the reason, why our Founders were right touches me. Their Letter told why and still does so today. With greater understanding, I realize that it is not possible to flee to freedom. Escape represents but a temporary respite, the slave master soon follows and sets about his task of enslaving one-n-all—once again.


We write to elicit your vote. Your Freedom vote for what we have written here.

Do we stand as one? A nation united?

Can we face tomorrow as a free people? Is there a government system designed to protect itself, not for hundreds, nor thousands, nor tens of thousands, but for millions of years-n-more?

Can it be protected from those amongst us bound and determined to wrest freedom away from us and tie real or virtual chains around our necks for all of time?

Please read carefully and understand what we are doing for each other, our children and theirs, and down through the coming ages.

Since winning our Independence from Earth-Born, we have searched this galaxy and many others. We almost gave up hope of finding any government form that would serve freedom and us. How very strange it was to find what we had sought for so long, on Earth-Born itself. In the finding, the reading, and the understanding of this treasured discovery, we are moved to write as follows.



We the People of Here-Born believe that all Citizens who desire a Government Program have the Right to have such a Program brought into existence for their use.

We the People of Here-Born believe that no citizen, who does not wish to participate in a particular Government Program, shall not have such a Program forced upon him nor her. Nor shall the Taxation required to fund such a Program be forced upon him or her.


Now! It’s generally known and fully understood by all that excessive taxation will slow an economy and eventually destroy it. It is, on our part, wishful thinking that those imposing excessive taxation will realize the error of their ways and change when they note how excessive taxation hurts an economy, and thus the people. Because, if we know what excessive taxation does to an economy—so do they!

Yet they impose it.